Outman Industries Incorporated
Outman Industries provides constant quality in filter and hermetic connector design, production, testing, and delivery. Because we control every step in our production, you can rely on Outman Industries and your customers will rely on you. Our assembly process guarantees consistent high quality and keeps both our good names great. Your market demands the right purchasing decisions and value is the name of our game. That is why more decision-makers turn to Outman Industries for their filter and hermetic connectors. Outman Industries helps you design or adapt the precise connector to meet your needs, fill your order on schedule and at a competitive cost.
Outman Industries believes in and practices innovative product planning and is working to develop:
  • Float Mount connector where the PC tails float independently of the shell float
  • An aluminum hermetic sealed receptacle, product qualification 1Q05
  • The integration of electronic circuitry within the connector